Reporting Information

This material is intended to provide a definitive outline on the requirements for providing the information needed to process your employees’ benefits.


Unless otherwise specified by your collective bargaining agreements, all employers must comply with our standards and procedures for accurate and timely reporting.


Reports are required to be sent to the Funds Office starting with the date of your signed agreement, whether there is work or not work.


Reports should reflect actual work dates and not pay dates.


Contributions can be remitted online or manually. Paper contribution remittance forms are available upon your request to be mailed or emailed. Online provides access to your contract rate, automated calculations and a final invoice that is sent in lieu of a report.


Payment for contributions can be sent via ACH or check.


Our online remittance system has a dedicated chat line for help while entering reports. You can also schedule a training session to be set up in advance.


All contributions, with the exception of flat monthly welfare, are due 30 days after the (employees or members) have worked.


If the current month's contributions are not received by the end of the following month, a first Delinquency Notice will be sent after a five-day grace period.  If payment is not received within 10 business days, a second Delinquency Notice will be sent, at which time interest (prime + 2%) will be assessed from the due date to the date received.  Two weeks prior to arbitration, or 10 business days after the second Delinquency Notice, a third notice (Demand for Arbitration) is sent. Once arbitration has occurred the Award will be revised to include not only interest but also liquidated damages and fees. These Awards are then referred to our Counsel to cure.


Up to two days is an acceptable gap in reporting time. If it is any longer, you will receive an automated delinquency notice from our system.


Reports reflecting no work activity can be remitted for quarterly time periods.


If you report for multiple accounts or shifts they need to be calculated separately. Please contact us if you would like your Funds account number. These numbers are automatically included on your online invoice.


If your CBA calls for a weekly benefit cap (i.e. max 40), reports must be remitted with weekly summaries and subtotals included, even if reporting monthly.


All reports need to have the full Social Security number and name of the member. This enables the proper person to receive their benefits and ensures that we are meeting IRS requirements. Please contact us if you need more information on our security protocols, whether you are reporting online or via mail. Please note that as of Dec. 2008, the Funds Office does not process reports that do not include Social Security numbers for all employees. Providing just the last four digits of the SSN is not acceptable. Reports that do not include the complete SSN will be returned unprocessed.


The Funds have an established policy that prohibits the contribution and collection analysts from performing math calculations of any type to process a remittance report. This practice is not only prone to errors, but also unacceptable to our auditors. If your report does not contain all the information necessary to calculate contributions based upon the formula specific in the collective bargaining agreement, the report will be returned unprocessed and the monies will be escrowed. Funds’ analysts will not add up or subtract any columns or rows of data in order to process any report(s).

For more information

Call the Funds Office at (973) 671-6800.