Local 825's Profit Sharing Fund

The Local 825 Profit Sharing Plan is a defined contribution plan.

Based on a collective bargaining agreement, your employer makes regular contributions, which are recorded to your individual account in the Fund. Your account is credited with contributions and interest earnings and charged with investment losses and expenses. When you retire, terminate your employment or die, the benefit payable is equal to your account balance at that time.

Your Profit Sharing account is managed by Prudential Retirement Services.


Getting Started

The Profit Sharing Fund is designed to provide participants with added financial security during their retirement years.

Administrative and investment services are provided by Prudential Retirement Services. Following receipt of notice of your enrollment in the Plan from the Funds Office, Prudential will send you a letter regarding registration of your account.

Choosing your investments

As a Plan participant, you can choose from among the wide variety of investment funds offered under the Plan. You can change the way future contributions are invested or transfer assets from one investment to another. These investment options may be reviewed at Prudential Retirement Services.

If you do not make an investment selection, your contributions and account balance will be invested in the Plan's Default Fund, an age-appropriate Prudential Day OneSM Fund. The Default Investment Fund is an equity-based investment that is subject to market ups and downs. You may direct that your contributions be transferred out of the Default Fund into another investment option offered under the Plan.

You are responsible for your investment choices

It is important to review information about each investment option under the Plan.
Spreading your money across a variety of investments, called diversification, is an important way to reduce risk in your retirement account. You can change the way future contributions are invested or transfer assets from one investment to another.

Statement summaries

On a quarterly basis you will receive a statement summarizing all activity in your account (new contributions, loans, earnings, and losses). Review your statements regularly, when you receive them.

Distributions from your account
Borrowing from your Fund account

For more information

Call the Funds Office at (973) 671-6800.